HS2 Watch was established in order to monitor the progress of HS2 construction throughout the Chilterns AONB. HS2 Watch operates entirely independently of HS2 Ltd, and of central government departments.

Our objectives are -

•  To provide information

We will endeavour to provide the latest information from all sources, regarding the progress of the construction work, and the timetable envisaged for future works. Following Royal Assent, HS2 agents may now enter private propety; this page outlines the position (as seen by HS2 Ltd)

Information about the various bodies currently planning and regulating the construction process can be found here. Regulations protecting wildlife also apply to HS2 construction.

The Chilterns and South Bucks councils website also provides information about this area. Planning applications (dealt with under Schedule 17) for Chiltern & South Bucks district are listed here.

(For Hillingdon, visit their Planning Search Page, and enter the applicant as "High Speed Two" (in words as shown, without the quotation marks)

•  To monitor the construction process

We will maintain a record of work currently in progress, and check that the works are carried out in accordance with the Code of Construction Practice, the Community Engagement Strategy, and with the Assurances given during the passage of the HS2 bill.

These contractors will be operating 'Lots' C1, C2 and C3 from Denham to Long Itchington.

We ask members of the public to assist us by reporting any new HS2 activities that they encounter.

Current Activities are listed here - also, see Euston and Hillingdon pages.

Footpath Closures (in Bucks) are listed here; see this (old, pre-AP4) map for footpath numbers in the AONB.

•  To monitor and assist with complaints.

We will maintain a list of contacts for HS2 Ltd and their contractors, so that complaints can be directed to the appropriate bodies. We will maintain a log of complaints made, and the outcomes. If the outcomes are unsatisfactory, or the nuisance is not abated, we will take up the case with higher levels of management.
Clearly HS2 Watch cannot monitor the entire HS2 project on their own. We ask anyone with information which may be of use to share it with us, via