CFA7 works

Where its all happening ... see also, M25 slip roads

Harvil Road


Notification posted adjacent to site of survey work, although it is clearly construction. See this drone video



HS2 Ltd answer some of the outstanding questions here. (No date, so no idea when it was posted). Claim that no bats or badgers are present, & ecological surveys were carried out this year.


Recent developments -

See Victims of HS2 for ongoing coverage


Tree felling in preparation for an access road to the Northolt Tunnel main compound provoked the first recorded protest which delayed HS2 construction. See our Facebook page for more on the protest.

The site is to the east of Harvil Road, between the Chiltern Line bridge and Newyears Green Bourne. Given what else is planned, the future for the rest of the wood looks rather uncertain.

Next day, additional barriers were installed -

Could there be someting to hide ?

Not a great start ?

The conduct of the works, leading to the temporary occupation, raises issues which HS2 should address -

Consequently, the concerns leading to the protests appear justified.